VCE Class of 2017

The Year 12 class of 2017 at Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College achieved outstanding results in Year 12 subjects. Together as a community we celebrate these achievements.


In addition to those students completing Year 12, a large number of Year 11 students undertook a Unit 3 and 4 subject and they also achieved outstanding results. All students are to be congratulated for their commitment to their studies. Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College achieved a median study score of 32. The median study score is the middle score when all the study scores obtained by students of the school are ranked from highest to lowest. The final results were the culmination of much effort and commitment across a number of years, and reflect the contribution of staff and parents into the learning of the students.


The VCE results are one measure of the school. They are a measure that is valued as high results provide students with many options for the future. What makes such results even more impressive is that they were achieved by students who undertook a variety of other activities during the year. Many of these students undertook leadership roles, participated fully in the House activities, and supported each other and the school in a variety of sporting, music and arts activities and events. They showed a commitment to the wider community and to social justice through their various fund raising activities. We can be very proud of the young women who graduated from Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College in 2017.


One of the characteristics of an effective school is school wide recognition of academic success. We take pride in the results of our students and celebrate their achievements. We celebrate their time at the College and we celebrate the way in which they have left the College. They enter the wider world as resilient young women ready to achieve whatever they set their sights on. On behalf of the whole school community, I wish all students in the class of 2017 all the best for the future, and congratulate and thank them for their contribution to the life of the College.


We believe that our academic program linked with the very strong co-curricular program ensures that all students are able to achieve.


Dr Mary Cannon



All Year 12 students successfully completed their VCE in 2017.


ATAR scores

Congratulations to Zara Wearne, the 2017 DUX, who achieved an ATAR score of 99.15.


The students’ ATAR scores showed that:

29 students (20.4%) achieved ATAR scores above 90 placing them in the top 10% of students across the State

72 students (50.6%) achieved ATAR scores above 80 placing them in the top 20% of students across the State

Study scores

Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College had 13.3% of all study scores above 40.

The median study score was 32.


Two students achieved perfect scores of 50. Congratulations to the following students:

  • Sarah Kong who achieved 50 in Business Management
  • Zoe Avramidis who achieved 50 in Studio Arts







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